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    Summer Treat Recipe for Dogs

    Jul 12 2013

    Are you looking for a nice summer treat for your dog? This can be as easy as stuffing a Kong and freezing it! Just remember to feed your pet their…

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    Dog House Repairs Month

    Jul 08 2013

    Does your dog have a dog house? It’s Dog House Repairs Month! Make sure their house is not made of pressure treated wood if they are a puppy or a…

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    Heatstroke in Pets

    Jul 02 2013

    Heat stroke is caused by overheating and dehydration, and it takes lives in hot weather, but humans are not the only ones affected by heat stroke. Pets are also! Always…

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    Pet Appreciation Week

    Jun 04 2013

    It is Pet Appreciation Week, a great time to show your pet how much they mean to you.

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    Memorial Day

    May 24 2013

    Happy Memorial Day this Monday! Remember the men and women who dedicated their lives to our nation’s freedom. 

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    Dog Bite Prevention Week promotes education and prevention

    May 22 2013

    Knowing how to read a dog’s body language can help protect people from being bitten. American Veterinary Medical Association In honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week this week, it’s a good…

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    Meet Molly!

    May 20 2013

    Does your pet have an endearing habit that makes you want to smile each time it happens? Molly and her brother Jake come and stay with us often when their…

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    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

    May 08 2013

    May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and the most important message one veterinarian oncologist wants the public to know is that cancer in animals is no longer a death sentence.…

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    Take Action and Raise Awareness During National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

    Apr 25 2013

    To mark the start of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, the CATalyst Council, a national initiative comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, is…

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    It’s National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

    Apr 05 2013