Commitment to Care: Opal

Everyone say hello and congratulations to Miss Opal, a.k.a. Moo. Opal is a 5 year old female domestic shorthair that has gone through a big transition over the past year.

Like many of our feline friends (approximately 30%) Opal was suffering from obesity. The weight crept on gradually and in January of 2021 she reached a top weight of 14.2 pounds. We all know that just as in people, obesity shortens a cat’s lifespan and puts them at a much higher risk of developing other health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and arthritis to name but a few. Obesity can also cause problems in fighting infectious disease, can contribute to skin issues and make it more difficult for a cat to groom itself regularly which can lead to fur matting and irritation.

The first step in dealing with obesity is to recognize and acknowledge there is a problem. Lucky for Opal, this is just what her mom did. Already aware of the dangers of obesity, Opal’s mom made an appointment with Dr. Maia as soon as she noticed her weight increasing. Upon physical exam, Dr. Maia gave Opal a good bill of health other than her excess weight and some dental disease. Opal was then scheduled for her yearly dental cleaning and prescribed a weight loss diet, Hills Science Diet Metabolic, to address the obesity problem.

This weight loss diet is specially formulated to work with a cat’s metabolism to stimulate weight loss and help keep the weight off by helping them stay full and satisfied between meals. After one year of consistently feeding Metabolic, Opal now weighs a healthy 9.5 pounds, has increased energy and is proudly showing off her new slimline frame! Her mom is also thankful that this will also give her extra time with the family to love on her for many years to come.

For many cat owners, it is challenging to know what a “normal” cat should look like. There are so many pictures on the web of overweight cats and sadly they are seen as cute. Regular veterinary exams are necessary to keep your cat at optimum weight and health.

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