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    Veterinary technicians: Essential, expert clinicians

    Mar 04 2013

    For anyone who has been in a hospital setting, it is no secret that the nursing staff usually sets the tone of the patient care and overall patient experience. In…

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    Together We Can Find And Prevent Dental Trouble Before It Hurts

    Feb 06 2013

    Dental x-rays give us the full story. All dogs and cats need dental care throughout their lives.  Regular pet dental care prevents pain, which is important.  Dental care protects not…

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    January is National Train Your Dog Month

    Jan 04 2013

    If you have problems with your pet misbehaving or not paying attention to your commands, why not look into employing the help of an expert to help you out. The…

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    New Pet? Pet Proof Your Home

    Jan 03 2013

    A new pet is more than an adorable bundle of fur; it’s also a big responsibility. That pesky puppy or curious kitten can find lots of ways to get into trouble, and…

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    National Pet Travel Safety Day

    Jan 02 2013

    Today is National Pet Travel Safety Day. A day to remind you to be aware of your pet’s safety during travel. If you’re traveling by car, you should always have…

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    Holiday Dog-Friendly Treat Recipe

    Dec 17 2012

    Holiday Dog-Friendly Recipe:ingredients1 cup shredded roasted turkey meat1/4 cup breadcrumbs1 large egg, beaten1/2 sweet potato–baked, skin discarded and potato coarsely chopped2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 tablespoons cranberry sauce directionsIn a medium…

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    Holiday Cat-Friendly Treat Recipe

    Dec 10 2012

    Ingredients: ½ cup of hamburger ½ teaspoon shrimp paste (see Asian food section of your local grocery store) ¼ cup shelled shrimp, washed in hot water, and minced ½ teaspoon…

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    Pet Treat Recipe: Pumpkin Ice Bites

    Nov 26 2012

    Want your dog to have a delicious and safe holiday treat? Here’s a simple recipe you can make at home:   Blend 1 cup of canned pumpkin with 1 cup…

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    ‘Lend A Paw To Help Another’ Food Drive

    Nov 14 2012

    Don’t forget our ‘Lend A Paw To Help Another’ Food Drive! Pinellas Animal Hospital and Humane Society thank everyone who has donated food for pets in need. Come in and…

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    It’s National Cat Week: Protect Your Cat This Season

    Nov 07 2012

    It’s National Cat Week! Did you know that cats often climb under the hood of cars to get warm near the car engine? As the nights are getting cooler, it’s…