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    Pet Parents: Did You Know?

    Jan 15 2017

    CALLING ALL PET PARENTS – Have you ever thought about how your pets use their mouths to pick things up in the same way as we use our hands? FACT: 90%…

  • Holiday Pet Supply Drive!

    Dec 22 2016

    Happy Holidays from Pinellas Animal Hospital! We are hosting our annual Holiday Pet Supply Drive, and we need your help! Help us pay it forward this holiday season by donating food…

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    Halloween Costume Safety

    Oct 14 2014

    Halloween can be a fun time for children, adults, and pets. We recommend taking some extra precautionary measures for Halloween to keep your pet safe. Keep your pet safe this…

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    Money Tips for Caring Pet Owners

    Oct 07 2014

    Everyone is trying to save money these days, including pet owners. But in an effort to cut back on costs, you may hear advice that could end up compromising your…

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    Is Your Cat Missing the Litter Box?

    Sep 05 2014

    You have a problem. Your cat is thinking outside the box, and not in a good way. You may be wondering what you did to inspire so much “creative expression.”…

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    Labor Day Safety Tips for Pets

    Aug 19 2014

    Do not apply any sunscreen or insect repellent product to your pet that is not labeled specifically for use on animals. Always assign a dog guardian. No matter where you’re…

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    Why it’s important that you always buy your prescriptions from a veterinarian.

    Aug 11 2014

    The Doctors and Staff of Pinellas Animal Hospital would like to share this statement with you and hope it will shed some light on why we do not recommend getting…

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    Car Sickness In Pets

    Jul 24 2014

    Does your dog throw up in the car when you go for rides? He may be experiencing typical motion sickness, just like some people do. Motion sickness usually begins very…

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    Hot Weather Tips to Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer

    Jun 17 2014

    Summer means enjoying the weather, and for most, with your pet! Remember to keep your pet healthy this summer by keeping them safe in the summer’s high temperatures. Here are…

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    Beware the Bug: Parasite Prevention and Screening for Dogs

    May 15 2014

    As the weather gets warmer and you spend more time outside, your pets are more likely to be exposed to sometimes-serious infections and parasites. Each year, many pets are diagnosed…