Nova’s Tale: A Puppy’s Misadventure with Rocks

There is nothing quite as heart-melting as the innocence and charm of a sweet little puppy. Their playful antics, soulful eyes, and boundless energy can easily captivate our hearts. Along with the joy puppies bring, raising a puppy comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities.

Meet Nova, 8-week-old Pitbull Terrier, full of curiosity and mischief. Nova’s journey took an unexpected turn when she found herself in a risky situation after playing in the backyard. Like any typical puppy, Nova was drawn to an area of landscaping rocks, unaware of the danger they posed.

Nova’s owner, vigilant as ever, noticed her playing among the rocks and promptly intervened, guiding her away from the potential hazard. However, Nova’s curiosity got the better of her, and she continued to play in the rocks. Moments later, Nova’s owner realized that she was eating them and picked her up to remove her from the area.  When Nova’s owner picked her up to bring her into the house, she could feel all the rocks in her stomach.  Swiftly recognizing the magnitude of Nova’s situation, her owner rushed her to our hospital, where she was met by the capable hands of Dr. Godfrey. Upon examination, it was confirmed that Nova had ingested a significant number of rocks.  Radiographs were taken and sure enough her stomach was full of rocks, and one was in her colon already, posing a grave risk to her health.

Without hesitation, Nova was taken into surgery under the skilled hands of Dr. Alberdi. The operation was not without its challenges, as another rock was discovered lodged in Nova’s small intestine.  Removing the stone from Nova’s small intestine would require extreme care and precision from Dr. Alberdi to ensure her well-being. In the 90-minute procedure, a staggering 135 rocks were removed from Nova’s stomach and 1 from her small intestine, safeguarding her from further harm.

In the aftermath of surgery, Nova’s road to recovery began. That evening, experiencing some discomfort, Nova was provided with the necessary pain relief and TLC to ease her discomfort. With each passing day, Nova exhibited signs of improvement, eagerly devouring her meals, and adapting to her limited activity.

As Nova’s family anxiously waited to take her home, they were given detailed discharge instructions on her home care requirements, including monitoring her incision, administering medication, and observing her stool for the remaining stone that was expected to pass on its own. With unwavering dedication, Nova’s family made sure she received the exact care she needed to make sure she made a full recovery.

Two days later, Nova’s family confirmed with us that the last landscaping stone had passed without incident. Ten days later her sutures removed, and her health restored, Nova emerged from her ordeal stronger and more resilient than ever.

Nova’s tale serves as a touching reminder of the unforeseen challenges that accompany pet ownership, emphasizing the importance of vigilance, prompt action, and unwavering devotion to our furry companions. With the support of her family, the skills of our veterinarians, and support staff, Nova triumphed over challenges, standing as a symbol of strength and optimism.

As Nova continues to be a happy healthy puppy, her family keeps a very close eye on her, and they cherish each moment with their furry family member.  Nova’s journey is a testament to the enduring bond between humans and animals, a bond strengthened by love, compassion, and the shared experiences that define our lives together.