Sep 03, 2021

Her calming nature, caregiver abilities, and love of animal crackers!

Shiner was the center of our family…the calming force. She was my rock for almost 15 years and I didn’t realize just how much support she truly gave until she wasn’t here. She loved car rides but once she saved my dad’s (PaPa) life when he threw two blood clots, she become his full-time caregiver in addition to being my center. While we knew she was getting older, her passing was a complete surprise as I expected to walk out with some meds but instead left with a collar. Dr. Craven and staff was amazing at trying to find out what was wrong and once we knew the answer wasn’t what we wanted, gave my dad time to get up to the office to say goodbye and both of us time to deal with the decision we had to make. The pain of her loss still spikes at random times like when I see animal crackers at Sam’s or when I still call out to her without thinking.
She’s still my screen saver, she’s still talked to, and she definitely had a ‘paw’ in finding our new babies to ease the quiet and pain for her beagle sister, GiGi. I still can’t allow animal crackers into the house. She’s cremated and watching over all of us in her memorial frame and her paw is tattooed on my leg so she’s always with me. She was and will always be my baby. When I needed a hand, I always found Shiner’s paw waiting for me.

Fondly remembered by,
Kelly and PaPa