Aug 19, 2012 - Mar 06, 2024

Her Smile and always wagging tail

Penny was everything you could ask for in a dog, she was not just a pet but a friend and a member of the family. Penny loved everyone she met including the staff of Pinellas Animal Hospital and she was always so very happy to visit her friends or be visited.

She was “dog aggressive” but this did not stop her kind motherly heart from poking through. Until he passed she was a loving sister to her brother Bruno, she was best friends with our cat Lillian and when John’s parents adopted a dog, Penny adopted that puppy, Lucy as her own and played with her until she was so exhausted she slept for days.

Penny loved to bask in the sun and lay on the cold tile, she loved to nap in our bed, her bed and the couches. She loved to play mission impossible and try to find the cat food as an extra treat. Most of all Penny loved to chow down with her fathers always managing to break one of them down enough for a nibble or few of what was being eaten that day.

Penny had separation anxiety and did not enjoy being without human company so we made sure she was always surrounded by love. Penny was also very brave and strong surviving multiple surgeries over her years.

Even on her last day when we knew it was time for her to leave us, Penny was not deterred from being herself, she left this world smiling, wagging and kissing us all goodbye.

Penny would not have been with us as long as she was without the caring staff of Pinellas Animal Hospital, and while she may have crossed that rainbow bridge a part of her will always be with us in our hearts

Thank you Penny for being best dog 2 boys could ask for.

Fondly remembered by,
Zack and John