Sep 01, 2006 -

Nikki was a little girl with beautiful eyes and a funny little meow. When she was younger she used to give us what we called “the cute” where she would roll on her back and look at you with those sweet eyes to ask for a rub or a smooch. She almost never responded when you called her as she definitely marched to her own tune or maybe because we called her by so many different names she didn’t know we were even talking to her – Nik, Nikka, Nicolette, little girl, baby girl, Petunia P, sweet pea 🙂 She was frequently asked why she was so small (we never got an answer) 🙂 We made up a couple of funny songs we used to sing to her, “Little Girl” and “Petunia P” 🙂 Most people could not believe she was 17 years young because she was so small, she always looked like a kitten.

Our Little Girl is missed everyday and our family will never be the same without her & her brother Tips, who crossed rainbow bridge 2 years before his sister. Nik, be nice to your brother when you see him!

Fondly remembered by,
Steve and Lisa Vitale