Dec 03, 2015 - Jan 03, 2024

Sassiness & Sweetness.

January 2016, my GF of 6 months, and future wife, wanted to see some puppies. I was adamantly against getting a dog, there was simply no way that was happening! We went to see puppies around 8pm. Maya was the runt of the litter. She crawled into my arms and fell asleep, and at that moment I fell in love. We found ourselves walking around Walmart picking up puppy supplies with Maya in my hands just an hour later.

Maya was with us for 8 years. Through multiple apartments, through my wife’s college graduation, our marriage, buying our first home, and adopting another puppy, Hercules. Hercules came to our home, and Maya instantly bonded with him. She became a big sister, and looked after her brother.

Maya was always a sweet girl, she never met a stranger she didn’t love. We’d joke that she’s the world most abductable dog, all it took was someone to say hi. Our first walk at a dog park she gave her belly to the first person who said hello, she was a total sweetheart. Even as we carried her in to her final appointment, she wagged her tail and licked the nurses faces.

Maya, also known as Jigglypuff, would look at me, moan, and force her way between my legs and demand a butt scratch. And after getting a butt scratch, she would circle around, and demand more. Then at the end of the night she’d sit and huff and puff at us as we watched TV. Her demand was simple, to crawl up onto my chest and cuddle until bed time.

Thank you to the staff at Pinellas Animal hospital, all of the staff, the techs, customer service, and doctors were outstanding at every step of the way. Maya had severe pain and recovery did not seem hopeful. This was our first baby, she watched us grow us. We will always remember her as the sweet, sassy, stubborn, loveable girl.

Fondly remembered by,
Kyle & Lis