Dec 15, 2000 - Mar 25, 2015

All the love I had for him. He had long fur and black and white patched .His eyes were bright green .His tail was big and bushy. His meow was distinct and clear. He went to Pinellas Animal hospital from 2000 to 2015 before passing .when I lost him ,I lost my heart. It is now 2023 and his ashes sit on my dresser, So much love is still there. I will never forget him in my lifetime. His ashes will go with mine. The vet was so good with him. Dr. Wallen had been taking care of him all those years. God Bless you Dr. Wallen. God bless every who participated in his care.

To My Littleman, all my love .May you be happy and blessed with peace. We will meet again. The day I found you was a huge blessing in my life and Heart

Fondly remembered by,
Barbara Hughes