Commitment to Care: Maintaining Your Ferret’s Oral Health

February is national pet dental month.  When most pet parents hear this, they all think it is for dogs and cats.  Ferrets have teeth also.  As responsible ferret owners, it is our duty to look after their overall health and that should include their oral health also. Let’s talk about oral care and how to keep those cute little teeth and gums in tip top condition.

Ferrets have a set of 34 adult teeth, carnivorous teeth designed for tearing and chewing meat.  Their dental formula includes 12 incisors, 4 canines,12 premolars, and 6 molars.  As carnivores, ferrets’ teeth play a huge role in their natural hunting and eating behavior.  Maintaining your ferret’s oral health is more than just its teeth looking pretty, it is crucial for their overall well-being.  Dental issues lead to pain, difficulty eating, and even affect their quality of life.  Be proactive about your pet’s oral health and you can prevent problems and ensure your ferret lives a long healthy and happy life.

The first tip for great oral care is to start with a balanced diet.  Your ferret is not a dog or a cat, feeding dog or cat food is not the appropriate diet for a ferret.  You want to feed a ferret diet that is rich in high-quality protein.  A proper diet supports dental health by providing the nutrients necessary for strong teeth and gums.  You can also give your ferret chews and toys that are specifically designed for them.  These items will promote ferrets’ natural chewing behavior, helping to keep their teeth clean.  You can also brush your ferrets’ teeth.  You want to use a very small toothbrush and toothpaste that is formulated for ferrets.  Never use human toothpaste on any animal because it contains ingredients that are toxic to them.  When brushing your ferret’s teeth, you always want to inspect their mouth.  Looking for signs of redness, swelling, broken teeth and even oral masses.  If you notice any issues like drooling, bad breath, or changes in their eating habits you want to call us promptly.  Annual cleanings are the best way to keep your ferret’s oral health in optimal condition.  We will do a thorough oral exam, take digital radiographs so we can see what is happening under the gum line where you can’t see, clean, and polish those little pearly whites.  If you have questions regarding your ferret’s health call us today and we will be happy to answer them.

Caring for your ferret’s oral health in all part of being a responsible ferret parent.  By putting these simple tips into your ferret’s routine, you will ensure that your furry little friend stays happy and healthy.  Remember, a little bit of oral care goes a long way.