Commitment to Care: Luna

Meet Luna, a 16-year-old orange tabby, who recently came into the clinic to have a lump on her belly assessed. Although Luna was acting her usual self, her mom remembered that Luna had a tumor in a similar spot a few years earlier and wanted to get this one checked out.

During Luna’s physical exam, Dr. Craven noted a small mass located in the right thorax near the mammary chain. Taking into account Luna’s history, she was concerned about a potential mammary tumor. As a result, Dr. Caven recommended surgical removal of the mass, along with a histopath (microscopic examination of the removed tissue to assess for any signs of disease). In preparation for surgery, Luna had a series of blood tests done to ensure she was fit to undergo anesthesia. As a precaution, Dr. Carven also ordered thoracic radiographs (chest x-rays) for Luna and sent them for a radiology consultation to confirm that there were no signs of any underlying conditions. After all of the lab tests and the consult report came back, Luna was cleared for surgery.

Dr. Wallen performed Luna’s lumpectomy, where she was able to remove the mass completely. Following her surgery, Luna has to wear an e-collar to protect her incision, and her suture removal was scheduled for ten days later. The results of Luna’s histopath determined that the lump was a mammary tumor. Since this was not her first tumor, she is at a higher risk of tumor regrowth and will need to be monitored closely for any regrowth signs. The results also indicated that this tumor did not have a vascular invasion, indicating that it has not spread.

Her incision looked good at her suture removal appointment, and Luna’s mom said that she is doing great. Luna has her mammary gland recheck scheduled for October. If you notice any unusual lumps or bumps on your pet, for your own peace of mind, be sure to call us and bring them in to get it checked out!