Traveling With Your Pets

Are you planning a trip with your pet? Whether moving or taking a vacation, it’s important to be aware of the laws and requirements of whatever country or state you are travelling into.

Please be aware that any traveling outside of the United States requires special paperwork that can take weeks and sometimes months to be completed. Start your pet travel planning as soon as you make your own travel plans.

We know that this process can be long and complicated, and we strongly recommend you check out this USDA APHIS bulletin for info regarding preparation, acquiring a health certificate, and health certificate endorsement.

  • Pinellas Animal Hospital will issue health certificates and international health certificates ONLY if your pet is current on required vaccinations and after one of our veterinarians determines your pet is healthy enough for travel. All other research/paperwork is the responsibility of the pet owner.
  • When bringing your pet for a health certificate you must bring the complete address and telephone number of your destination along with any necessary paperwork from the country’s consulate needed for travel.

International travel

Interstate travel

  • Check with the state you are traveling to for any specific requirements.
  • FYI: Hawaii does require a mandatory quarantine of your pets once you arrive.

Additional useful info

We recommend NOT traveling with your pet under sedation when you fly, especially in a cargo area. Pets are unsteady so they are more prone to injury. They are more prone to hypothermia. Most sedations effect the respiration &/or cardiovascular function of your pet which puts them in a compromised position. If you feel like your pet must have sedation to travel, please speak with one of our doctors to find an appropriate medication.

Another useful website for more good travelling information.

For more information on airplane and automobile travel with your pet click here.

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