Avian Physical Examination

During the exam the veterinarian will ask about your birds history, such as its age, sex, origin, length of time in the household, diet and caging. You should also inform him/her if they have ever been in contact, direct or indirect with other birds.

The physical exam will include observation of the bird in the cage to determine general body conformation. Actual hands-on examination to determine obesity, tumors, posture, attitude and character of respiration, abnormalities in the feathers, skin, beak, eyes, ears, nares, oral cavity, bones, muscles, abdomen and vent.

Checking the birds weight is also an important part of the annual examination and can give valuable information about the bird’s health. A bird that doesn’t groom itself correctly and exhibits a ruffled, un-kept look associated with its feathers is usually a sick bird, this may also coincide with the bird not perching normally and spending more time on the bottom of the cage. If you notice either of these signs your bird should be examined as soon as possible by a veterinarian.

Budgies, cockatiels, parrots, and songbirds tend to live longer, healthier lives when they receive regular veterinary care. We can provide nutritional counseling, health assessments, grooming assistance, sexing, fecal parasite testing, medical and surgical services, and annual physicals. In addition, we’d be happy to discuss general care, disease prevention, safety, appropriate housing and toys, and breeding.

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