Sam’s Surgery *Warning, Graphic Content*

These are pictures of my actual surgery on the day I came into Pinellas Animal Hospital. The fan blade cut a huge gash in my cute little face, in addition to breaking my left front and left rear leg. Luckily, other than the gash on my face, the other cuts were minor and superficial. My surgery took over an hour to pin my broken legs into place so they could heal. Cleaning and stitching together the cut on my face alone took over 10 stitches! Luckily I was asleep the whole time, and had good pain medications on board. Dr Elmer was my surgeon and I’m forever grateful to him. While I was under anesthesia I had a warming blanket and hot water bottles on me so I wouldn’t get cold. My blood pressure was monitored the whole time, as well as my respiratory rate and heart rate. Our veterinary assistant, Lindsay, monitored me the whole time I was under anesthesia. I also had intravenous fluids, which were warmed so that I wouldn’t dehydrate and to help keep my electrolytes balanced so I could be strong when I recovered from anesthesia. These images are graphic, and may be disturbing to some viewers, but rest assured I was in the best care during the whole procedure.

IMG_1597 Here I am in the operating table before surgery started. I was completely asleep at this point and couldn’t feel anything. I had already good pain medications given to me, so even asleep I was comfortable. The tube coming out of my mouth, they tell me, is an endotracheal tube which is connected to the anesthesia machine which delivers a mixture of isoflourane, which is the anesthetic gas, and oxygen which keeps me asleep during surgery.
IMG_1598 Here I am, still asleep, ready to fix the cut in my face. The cut was really bad and really deep, it almost cut off my nose and got my left eyeball! I am one lucky cat, and am convinced I used a couple of my nine lives that day.
IMG_1599 Here is Dr. Elmer getting ready to stitch up my face. As you can see, he has gloves on. The technicians told me that he wears gloves and a special gown to keep everything sterile during surgery so that infectious agents, that is bacteria and viruses as well as dirt and debris, won’t get to me and make me sick during surgery or after during my recovery. A light is shined on my face to help the doctor see what he needs to stitch together. Luckily I was asleep cause that light looks bright!
IMG_1601 Here is a close up of my face before stitching took place. It was a big, two inch long cut, but even though it looks real bad, it was only the skin and didn’t hit any bones, my sinus cavity, or my eyes!
IMG_1602 Here I am after surgery, and my face is all stitched up. I still need to be cleaned up, because unfortunately I was bleeding from my nose during surgery. Dr. Elmer did a good job though on my kitty nose job. If you looked at my face today you could never tell I had surgery!

 IMG_2719 So as you can see I am one very lucky kitty. The doctors here all took really good care of me, and if you were to look at me today you could never tell that anything ever happened!

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