Handy Tips…

Handy tips to make your visits with us go more smoothly:

When you call for an appointment…..

  • Briefly tell the receptionist what problems your pet is having. If he or she is coming in for an annual exam but is also having ear trouble, make us aware of the problem so that we may arrange a more lengthy appointment if necessary.
  • Please tell us if your pet needs refills on medication. This can be a time-consuming process, especially if your pet is on a variety of prescription drugs. Telling us ahead of time allows us to have those prescriptions ready for you before you ever arrive.
  • Inform us if you need prescription foods so we can be sure to have them in stock. Orders may take several days, so call before you are out of food.
  • Tell us if you are bringing in a new pet. Even if you have been to see us before, your new pet needs his or her own paperwork and file which takes extra time.

Please call and let us know…..

  • If you have an emergency. The doctor may be out of the building or our business hours may be different than the last time you visited us. The time you take to call us will allow us to be ready for you when you arrive.
  • If your pet is ill. It never fails that a pet who seems “a bit off” will become drastically ill as soon as our office is closed. It takes only a phone call to find out if your pet should be seen immediately.
  • If you are bringing any additional pets. Each appointment needs a certain amount of time to be completed properly. An extra pet will need his or her own time slot to insure a thorough examination.
  • If you cannot make your appointment or are running late. Each appointment slot is specially scheduled for our patients. When our clients are on time, we have a better chance of keeping wait times to a minimum. If there is an emergency, it will take priority over all appointments. We greatly appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.
  • Rest assured that if your pet was the one in trouble, we would not hesitate to see them immediately.

 When you leave your pet with us…..

  • Make sure we have as much contact information as possible. We need to be able to reach you immediately should questions arise about your pet´s care.
  • Bring any medications or special diets that may be needed during his or her stay. This is especially important for our avian (bird) patients who usually have an extremely varied diet.
  • Drop off at the time specified by the receptionist. We run bloodwork on all of our surgery candidates which must be completed early. If your pet is to be sedated and sent home in the same day, he or she must also be given enough time to recover.
  • Tell us if your pet was accidentally fed before a procedure!!! We would rather have to rearrange our schedule than to have your pet endangered by being anesthetized or sedated with a full stomach.

When you come to the clinic for your appointment…..

  • Please keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times. Frightened animals have been known to run for the open front door at the slightest provocation. You and your pet will be much more safe if everyone follows this rule.
  • Bring all your pet´s medications with you so that if you forget the name of one, we can find it easily. This is extremely important in cases where you have obtained medications from another doctor.
  • Have a written list of questions for the doctor. This will help you quickly and easily obtain all the information you needed.
  • Bring your pet´s rabies renewal slip to keep time spent filling out paperwork to a minimum.
  • Bring a urine and/or fecal sample. We recommend a fecal examination and a urinalysis every six months. We also run tests on feces and urine if your pet is ill. Please click here for more information on properly obtaining these samples.
  • Bring any medical records from other veterinarians. The more background information we have on your pet, the more successful our treatment will be.
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time if you are a new client and need to fill out paperwork. All paperwork must be entered into the computer, and a new file must be created before you can see the doctor. Please help us get you to your appointment on time.
  • Ask our staff to scan your pet´s microchip (if he or she has one) to be sure it hasn´t migrated from its original site.

For your pet´s health and safety…..

  • Finish all antibiotics, ear, and eye medications EVEN IF YOUR PET IS FEELING BETTER!!!
  • Keep your return visits with us. While your pet may look and feel better, subtle problems may still exist. These problems could grow and cause your pet to have a relapse.
  • Do not use old medications you have at home to treat your pet. Please let us evaluate your pet without this complication and provide the proper treatment.
  • Do not share medications between pets unless instructed to do so by our doctors or staff.
  • Never give your pet your own medication or take your pet´s medication. The results could be deadly.

For your peace of mind…..

Please tell us if we can improve our services in any way. We are here to help you and your pet enjoy life together!

Job Application

We are always accepting job applications. If we do not have a position available at this time we will keep your information on file for future reference.

Please send your information and resume to pah@pinellasvet.com

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After normal business hours our answering service will direct you to the veterinarian on call or the nearest available emergency clinic. Animal Emergency Clinic of St Petersburg: 727-323-1311