My pet needs a procedure requiring anesthesia and I’m nervous, what should I expect?

Any anesthetic procedure can put a patient at risk which is why here, at Pinellas Animal Hospital, we require a panel of preanesthetic blood work to be done before your pet undergoes a procedure. These tests will alert our doctors to any underlying conditions that may compromise our patients internal organs and will ensure that your pet is well enough to handle the anesthesia.

An IV catheter is put in place to administer warm fluids and to help maintain a healthy blood pressure, while a surgical technician monitors your pet’s respiration and heart rate with the use of a blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter throughout the procedure. Once in recovery your pet is placed on a thick mattress pad and covered with a warming blanket which blows warm air to help maintain normal body temperature and is watched closely until they are in full recovery and can be returned to their cage.

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