Our House Pets

Meet our 5 house cats that call our clinic ‘home’!



Studley (also known as Stud, Studman, and Stud Muffin) joined our family in March of 2006 and has captured all of our hearts. Studley loves to play ball with his best buddy Walt, lounge in the sun, and play with and babysit the kittens. He loves everybody and will tell you all about it. He believes he is the brains behind this whole operation.



Molly can be found in her private office keeping the chair warm and loves to walk across the keyboard when we are typing. She also enjoys playing in paper and boxes.



Monkey (also called Monkey-in-the-middle) came to PAH to have her kittens and then be adopted out. Unfortunately, she is FIV positive and it has been hard finding her a home. She can live a long healthy life but she shouldn’t be placed in a home with other cats. She is sweet and snuggly. She loves to share a chair with the doctors and technicians.


Ellie PAH  Ellie is the feisty one of the bunch and likes to get into everything at every opportunity she gets. When she’s not helping to run the lab area, Ellie likes to go cake diving and mountaineering in her spare time.

. Girly    Last, but definitely not least, there is Girly.  Girly sees herself as the independent career woman and would one day like to run for President of her kitty kingdom.


Job Application

We are always accepting job applications. If we do not have a position available at this time we will keep your information on file for future reference.

Please send your information and resume to pah@pinellasvet.com

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