Aug 11 2014

Why it’s important that you always buy your prescriptions from a veterinarian.

The Doctors and Staff of Pinellas Animal Hospital would like to share this statement with you and hope it will shed some light on why we do not recommend getting your prescription medications from sources other than your veterinarian. This article was recently shared with us from Barrow Veterinary Services.

“Yes, we know this is a dog product, but the concept translates to all species.

We get lots of requests for prescriptions to be filled online rather than buying from us because it’s a little cheaper. However, this is what happened to a client of one of Dr. Barrow’s vet school classmates. The Trifexis she wanted scripted out is what is pictured below. The lot and serial numbers were compromised, label portions removed, package insert did not match the medication, and the client wasn’t even sure that the enclosed medication was really what she had ordered.
You, as clients, should know that most drug manufacturers do NOT sell directly to these online pharmacies. Many of the prescription drugs are obtained from unethical or overseas/unregulated sources. There is no guarantee that your pet’s medications, many of which are sensitive to heat, light, and humidity, have been handled correctly and are therefore effective. Most manufacturers do not support product guarantees or even provide supportive care if prescriptions are not obtained from or administered by a licensed veterinarian.
We certainly understand the importance of saving money where you can, because we have families and bills too. Most of us don’t make a lot of profit, but we love what we do. Buying meds directly from your veterinarian – whether it’s us or your small animal practitioner – really saves money in the long run because it enables us to keep our prices realistic on things like exam fees and farm calls.
Lastly, we love our patients, and we want to see that they have the best and safest care possible. And none of us would have used medication (on your animals or ours) that arrived like this. Would you?”

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