Sep 18 2013

September is National Service Dog Month!

Service dogs are more than a best friend, they’re supportive and helpful, they boost confidence, and enthusiastically provide assistance to those who need them most.  These intelligent animals are trained to serve, protect and assist their handlers in many areas of their lives and give them the ability to perform daily tasks that you and I take for granted, they help to accomplish lifelong goals and overcome debilitating mental illnesses.  National Service Dog Month is the perfect time to reflect on the roles these service animals play in our lives.

While we naturally associate guides dogs with this celebration the recognition includes service and assistance animals of all kinds, from service pot-bellied pigs to bunnies and autism assistance felines.  We must also not forget our Military Working Dogs that put their lives on the line safeguarding military bases and personnel around the world.  Many companion animals are prescribed to U.S. Military veterans for various physical and psychological conditions including traumatic brain injuries, mobility issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There are a number of pet therapy dogs in our area that have gone through the rigid training to become certified in various areas to better assist their owners .  Pet Peeves Animal Training, Inc. is a local company which utilizes pawsitive reinforcement methods to train service and therapy dogs for many different types of jobs.

Wendy Kelly, certified animal behaviorist, is the founder of Pet  Peeves, and through her knowledge of animal training and personal experience  with her battle against cancer went on to form The Pawsitive Life Foundation ( The mission of this nonprofit organization is to rescue homeless dogs and train them to alert to the detection of cancer in humans.  Dogs can detect cancer even earlier than most medical scans!   This is just one of the many services our canine companions can provide to create a better life for mankind.   If you or anyone you know can offer help or assistance to any of the nonprofit groups out there, please make the effort to do so.

For more information on training that’s enjoyed at both ends of the leash, please visit our web site at or call 727-548-7387.  Our office is located inside Pinellas Animal Hospital at 7791 52nd St. N, Pinellas Park, FL.

You can also visit for more details.

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