Mar 04 2013

Veterinary technicians: Essential, expert clinicians

For anyone who has been in a hospital setting, it is no secret that the nursing staff usually sets the tone of the patient care and overall patient experience. In veterinary medicine, this truth also holds true. The veterinary technician is the analog of the nurse and technologist in the medical profession. The field of veterinary technology is a wonderful profession that many pet owners are unaware of, and quite frankly, as intelligent individuals and consumers, need to be.

I truly believe that you cannot be a great doctor nor have an excellent hospital without having great veterinary technicians by your side. I am often asked for my opinion about the quality of various practices, as people understandably want the best for their furry family members. A fair question for pet owners to ask as they evaluate the quality of the practice they are entrusting their pet care to, is the level of expertise of the veterinary technical staff. In all fairness, licensure is just one measure of credential, but certainly does not guarantee excellence. Equally important are training, ability, and dedication.

Most veterinary technicians are incredibly dedicated and hard working professionals. These individuals are often the closest to the patients and feel the emotional ups and downs that occur on a daily basis. As in all medicine, there are some really good days emotionally, and there are some really hard days emotionally. We are all better off because of these noble professionals. Remember next time you’re in your veterinarian’s office to thank the veterinary technicians for what they do…everyday.

This article reflects the opinions of Dr. Alan Green who is the owner and Chief of Staff of Charleston Veterinary Referral Center.  The Doctors here at Pinellas Animal Hospital also share this viewpoint and credit all of their staff for maintaining the high level of expertise and efficiency that has become the standard for our hospital.

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