Jun 28 2012

The Many Faces of Stud

Studley is the KING!! Or at least we let him think so. Every morning our routine includes opening the clinic and making sure Studley is comfortable. After he is let out to roam for the day, he will meow until he gets his “Evian” or water bowls. His 1st order of business is to take a refreshing sip then he proceeds to make sure he is stunning to be seen by his fans.

Studley can also be a ham. He will find the silliest place to use as a bed. Boxes are some of his favorite new places to explore. Even if they aren’t big enough for him to fit in to.

Every chair has to be made available for Studley to rest his royal rump. Sometimes he will even steal dog toys to entertain himself. Whatever Studley wants, Studley gets!

Studley doesn’t just see himself as a house pet but also as an intricate part of the “team”. He is always willing to lend a paw to help the staff in any way that he can. We couldn’t run the clinic if we didn’t have Studley around!

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Job Application

We are always accepting job applications. If we do not have a position available at this time we will keep your information on file for future reference.

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