Apr 12 2012

Steps for finding a lost pet

When your pet is missing, it is a stressful time. Knowing how to prepare for it and what to do after it happens may make the difference in whether you get your pet back. Here is a list of organizations to contact along with ways to ensure your pet is identifies and registered to find its way back to you.

Contact the rescues in your area. For Pinellas County, this is a list of our shelters.

  • SPCA – 727-586-3591, (closed Mondays)
  • Humane Society – 727-797-7722
  • Pinellas County Animal Services – 727-582-2604

Contact the emergency clinics in your area. Often pets are brought to these clinics because they are open late at night and on weekends. If an owner isn’t found then the pets are transferred to one of the local shelters. Pinellas county emergency clinics:

  • Animal Emergency Clinic of St Pete – 727-323-1311 (open week days after 6p and weekends 24hrs)
  • Tampa Bay Vet Specialists – 727-535-3500 (open 24 hrs)

Do not just call the rescues/shelters but visit them and visually check for your pet. Often these facilities are over worked and understaffed so a pet may be overlooked but if you go there you have a better chance of identifying your pet.

Notify all vet clinics in your surrounding area. Concerned neighbors will often bring strays to the clinic in their area. The clinic will scan for a microchip and house them until an owner is found.

Ask around. It doesn’t hurt to go door-to-door in your community to ask if anyone has seen your pet. Sometimes a neighbor will be caring for your pet as they are looking for the owner.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your fliers will get more of a response if you use pictures in any “LOST” posters. Put these posters up in your neighborhood, at local vets, shelters, and even businesses in your area.

Before your pet goes missing, take this steps to help ensure you get your pet back just in case he/she does get lost:

Microchip and register your pets. Make sure the registration is correct because many organizations do not include the registration when you have your pet microchipped. Also, it needs to be updated if you move or change phone numbers.

  • Home Again – 888-466-3242
  • Avid – 800-336-2843
  • 24PetWatch – 1-866-597-2424 x 331
  • ResQ – 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465)

Make sure your county license is up-to-date. Legally, ALL pets should have a Rabies vaccines and license. The info from the tag number can help link your pet to your contact info. You can get your county license at Pinellas Animal Hospital or Pinellas County Animal Services.

Join a company that does the advertising for you.

  • Home Again
  • Petlink












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