Our veterinary hospital is proud to offer a wide range of veterinary services to ensure that your pet stays in optimal health, year-round. Whether you’re visiting us for a routine checkup or for a more intensive procedure, you can trust that our service, attention to detail and approach to personalized, compassionate care puts your pet in the very best hands.

We know that caring for a pet can be hard work, so we aim to make it just a little bit easier by offering a wide range of services for your convenience.

Read on to learn more about these specific services and if they may be right for your pet!

Wellness Care

At Pinellas Animal Hospital, we believe that regular wellness visits are an integral part of maintaining optimal overall health. When you and your pet visit us regularly for wellness care visits, it allows us to check your pet from head to tail for any existing issues, while also allowing for early detection of ailments such as dental disease, diabetes, arthritis, spinal issues, heart disease and more.

Since a healthy pet is a happy pet, we encourage you to schedule your next appointment soon and maintain a consistent schedule when it comes to the care of your pet!

Preventative Care

A perfect counterpart to routine wellness care is a comprehensive approach to preventative care. This may include vaccinations, parasite prevention, nutrition, wellness counseling or any other approaches to personalized, preventative care that adds vitality and stamina to the life of your pet.

It’s impossible to know when an acute issue may occur, so regular veterinary visits and access to our four veterinarians help us to implement proactive and effective approaches to preventative care.

Whether you’d like to update your pet’s medical records and vaccinations, or to discuss a specific issue, our veterinarians and staff are available and ready to help you achieve optimal health for your beloved pet.

Surgical Care

At Pinellas Animal Hospital, over forty years of veterinary experience allow us to practice the cutting-edge of veterinary medicine, whether there’s an issue big or small.

From routine spays and neuters to more complex and intensive surgical procedures, we’re prepared with modern diagnostic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to perform successful, precise surgical procedures when your pet needs them most.

In-House Laboratory

For rapid access to crucial diagnostic information, our experienced technician team has the ability to perform all aspects of medical testing within our comprehensive In-House laboratory at Pinellas Animal Hospital.

This decreases turnaround times that may be required if we were to send samples off-site and ensures that time-sensitive tests receive comprehensive analysis in an expedited manner.


At Pinellas Animal Hospital, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of veterinary pharmaceuticals and medications needed to ensure that your pet makes a full recovery. We’ll take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine to your pet and will do everything in our power to optimize their overall health with the right combination of attentive care and medicine.


When looking to gain deep insight into the health of your pet with as little impact as possible, ultrasound is an extremely useful solution.

Ultrasonography allows for detailed internal images to be generated of your pet, without the use of radiation. Ultrasonography is an entirely non-invasive and pain free way to both evaluate and diagnose a multitude of potential health issues found in your pet. As with all of our veterinary services, if you have any questions about our approach to ultrasonography, equipment used, associated costs or anything else, simply give us a call at 727-546-0005 to learn more.

Digital Radiology

When a physical examination and routine bloodwork doesn’t provide enough insight, our state-of-the-art radiology services will give us additional information needed to assess the overall health and well-being of your pet. Digital Radiology allows our veterinarians to utilize X-rays to achieve crucial insight and helps to paint a detailed portrait of the internal health of your pet.


Good dental care is an imperative part of overall pet care. Whether it’s for a routine cleaning or for a fractured tooth, tooth root abscess, extraction, gum disease prevention or other, Pinellas Animal Hospital has both the equipment and expertise needed to ensure that your pet both achieves and maintains optimal dental health. We also recommend giving your pet dental chews in-between visits and requesting a teeth cleaning when you come in for your preventative care visits!


Whether you’re leaving town for the holidays or simply need a break from it all, we’ve got your back! Pinellas Animal Hospital is proud to offer a range of boarding services, with a flexible and open schedule to meet your needs.

Pets that board with us will have the use of our spacious backyard to exercise, along with personalized care and the same tender level of attention that we proudly extend to our own pets!

To learn more about our boarding procedures and if they might be right for your next trip or vacation, please give us a call at 727-546-0005!


If you’re visiting for a routine wellness checkup or other procedure, why not enroll our expert certified groomer to groom your pet while you’re at it! Our attention to detail and customized approach will ensure that your pet’s coat is full of luster and looking like a million bucks before they leave our veterinary facility!

If you have absolutely any questions about our wide range of veterinary services, the equipment used, associated costs, or if you wish to schedule your next appointment, contact us to learn more and we’ll get back to you on the same day unless otherwise specified.

We thank you for your interest in Pinellas Animal Hospital and we can’t wait to deliver our level of personalized, tender care to your beloved pet!

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