Wellness and Vaccination Programs

Our wellness exams and vaccination protocols are designed to prevent disease and prolong the lives of your companion animals. Disease prevention is always less costly than dealing with the treatment of a disease once your pet has developed it. An example would be the treatment of parvovirus. Parvovirus treatment can frequently cost $1,000 or more while a series of parvovirus vaccinations will cost significantly less. A Wellness Lab Workup which includes diagnostic blood testing, intestinal parasite screening and unrinalysis, allows for early diagnosis of a disease process which can lead your pet to a longer healthier life. For example, kidney disease, if diagnosed early, will allow us to modify your dog or cat's diet and in some cases add supplements to their diet to potentially extend their lives. Please contact our office for further information and to schedule an appointment.

  • PuppyWellness

    Puppy Wellness

    Our puppy wellness program is designed to offer your new puppy all the benefits of veterinary services administered from 6 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age. TheĀ series of…

  • KittenWellness

    Kitten Wellness

    Our kitten wellness program is designed to offer your new kitten all the benefits of veterinary services administered to themĀ from 6 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age. This…

  • Small white dog running with orange ball

    Adult Pet Wellness

    At Pinellas Animal Hospital we recommend a bi-annual physical examination along with a yearly wellness lab workup which includes blood screening, intestinal parasite screen and a urinalysis. Each year we…

  • Girly

    Senior Pet Wellness

    Once your dog or cat turns 7 years of age, the doctors at Pinellas Animal Hospital recommend that they undergo a thorough senior wellness exam and diagnostic work-up. Even though…